We understand how troublesome it can be to keep every nook and corner of your home clean. While sometimes it’s the grease and oil in our kitchen and cooking utensils, at other times, it boils down to the stubborn marks on our favourite car or that front-loaded washing machine. Though so far we have had to rely merely on standard detergents and cleaners, it all changes with Selzer! Each of our products is made using high technology and ingredients to relieve you of the headache that comes from the thought of cleaning your ‘HOME SWEET HOME’. So now say goodbye to Ghar Ke Nuske and opt for our Full-Proof Cleaning Solutions.

Reasons to Love Selzer - Chemistry Sparks Fly
Chemistry Sparks Fly

Chemistry Matchmakers: Saas-Bahu cleaning choices are in sync with Selzer

Reasons to Love Selzer - Awe Inspiring R&D
Awe-Inspiring R&D

Our R&D shatters all ‘Juggad’ cleaning norms with revolutionary solutions!

Reasons to Love Selzer - The Art of Innovation
The Art of Innovation

Breaking all “Deewars”, explore our uncharted & unique cleaning potions

Reasons to Love Selzer - Customized Marvels
Customized Marvels

One-size-fits-all? Not in our ‘Safai ki duniya’! Selzer cause dirt to flinch!

Reasons to Love Selzer - Igniting the WoW Factor
Igniting the WoW Factor

Jaw-dropping Chamak - makes metal surfaces look brand new.

From Quack to Quick

Tired of playing scientist with homemade cleaning concoctions? Level up your cleaning game with Selzer's powerhouse range of solutions! From kitchen grease to stubborn water spots, we've got you covered. Our cutting-edge products transform cleaning into a breeze, making your surfaces shine effortlessly. Wave goodbye to the guesswork and say hello to professional-grade cleanliness. Let Selzer be your secret weapon for a sparkling home, without the messy experiments!

Get Rid of Grease With Oven, Grill & Chimney Cleaner
Check Out The Selzer Washing Machine Cleaner
Remove Stains With Tap, Shower & Metallic Surface Cleaner

I want to try now!

What types of specialized cleaning products does Selzer offer for different areas of the home?

ANS: At Selzer, we take pride in presenting India's most extensive range of specialty cleaning products for your home. Our extensive selection includes cleaning products specifically designed for various areas such as kitchen care, bathroom care, fabric care, plastic utilities, and more. Whether you need to tackle stubborn grease in the kitchen or ensure a sparkling clean bathroom, Selzer has the perfect solution to polish every nook and cranny of your house.

How does Selzer's range of cleaning solutions differ from standard detergents and cleaners?

ANS: Selzer's home cleaning products go beyond ordinary detergents and cleaners found in the market. We have invested over 10 years of mastery in developing innovative solutions to keep your home sparkling. Our high-quality ingredients and cutting-edge technology set us apart, ensuring that each product delivers exceptional performance. Say goodbye to generic cleaning methods and opt for Selzer's full-proof home cleaning solutions to experience the difference.

Can Selzer's cleaning products effectively remove kitchen grease and stubborn water spots?

ANS: Absolutely! Selzer understands the challenges of dealing with kitchen grease and stubborn water spots. That's why we have formulated specialized cleaning products for the home, specifically tailored to these concerns. Our range of kitchen care products is designed to tackle even the toughest grease and oil, leaving your kitchen surfaces sparkling clean. Additionally, our powerful solutions for removing water spots ensure that your glassware and other surfaces regain their pristine shine.

Are Selzer's cleaning products suitable for heavy-duty floor cleaning?

ANS: Selzer's expertise extends to heavy-duty home floor cleaning as well. Our heavy-duty home floor cleaner liquid is specially formulated to tackle the toughest dirt, grime, and stains on various types of flooring. Whether you have tiles, marble, or other hard surfaces, our floor cleaner liquid is your go-to solution. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Selzer's heavy-duty floor cleaner products, and witness the transformation of your floors to a spotless and gleaming state.

Where can I purchase Selzer's home cleaning products online in India?

ANS: To make your shopping experience seamless, Selzer offers an extensive range of home cleaning products online. You can easily browse and purchase our products from the comfort of your home through our official website. Simply visit our online store and explore the best home cleaning products in India, ranging from kitchen care and fabric care to bathroom care and plastic utilities. Enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery and let Selzer be your trusted partner in maintaining a clean and hygienic home. You can also purchase Selzer Products at Amazon.

What makes Selzer's cleaning products the best choice for achieving professional-grade cleanliness in the house?

ANS: Selzer stands out as the preferred choice for achieving professional-grade cleanliness in your home. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the quality and performance of our home cleaning products. Unlike homemade cleaning concoctions or generic alternatives, Selzer's powerhouse range of solutions ensures quick and efficient cleaning without the guesswork. Our innovative formulations, backed by awe-inspiring research and development, shatter conventional cleaning norms, providing you with unmatched results. Discover the "wow" factor with Selzer and witness the jaw-dropping shine that makes your home surfaces look brand new.

How Selzer's Home Cleaning Products Can Transform Your Home Before the Festivities?

As the festive season approaches, it's time to prepare your house for the upcoming celebrations and gatherings. You want your home to dazzle and shine, creating the ideal atmosphere for your guests. To achieve professional-level cleaning without stress, look no further than Selzer's range of home cleaning products. With our high-quality lineup, you can effortlessly get your home ready for the festivities with confidence and ease.

Home Cleaning Products for Every Household Need

Selzer offers a diverse selection of household cleaning products tailored to tackle various cleaning challenges, ensuring your home sparkles from top to bottom. Here's how our home cleaning products can help you achieve professional-level cleanliness:

Selzer Vetra Tile Cleaner is your go-to solution for a deep clean on various surfaces. Its slightly acidic formula is tailor-made to tackle stubborn dirt and grime that accumulate over time, making it perfect for your bathroom tiles, kitchen countertops, and more. Conveniently purchase this product to ensure that your home cleaning process is pristine.

Is your brass and other metal decor looking lacklustre and tarnished? Unlock the secret to their revival with Selzer Copper & Brass Metal Cleaner. This extraordinary formula excels at removing tarnishes and restoring surfaces to a brilliant shine, making your metal pieces gleam like new. Tarnished silverware and jewellery can be a challenge to restore, but Selzer Instant Silver Cleaner is up to the task. Formulated specifically to combat tarnish, this specialised home cleaner effortlessly revives your silverware, rings, bracelets, and accessories, ensuring they sparkle and shine brightly throughout the festivities.

Selzer Tap, Shower & Metallic Surface Cleaner is your passport to achieving an impeccable pre-festival home cleaning regime. This potent cleaner effectively eradicates greasy residues, oils, dirt, dust, and water spots. You can easily buy it online, simplifying your cleaning routine and saving you time. Don't overlook the importance of your trusty washing machine, a key player in keeping your clothes fresh. Selzer Washing Machine Cleaner is designed to eliminate limescale buildup from your washing machine drum, ensuring optimal performance. It's an essential addition to maintaining clean laundry and a well-functioning machine. Donate your old clothes but before that give them a proper wash, in your clean washing machine.

No longer must cleaning your oven, grill, or chimney be a difficult process. With its potent, surfactant-based composition, Selzer Oven Grill & Chimney Cleaner efficiently dissolves difficult grease, oils, and tenacious dirt, leaving your culinary appliances looking and performing like new.

Selzer's home cleaning products hold the key to achieving a professional-level clean in your home before the festivities begin. With our range of products tailored to address various cleaning needs, you can easily tackle tarnished metals, grimy tiles, greasy surfaces, and more. Shop for Selzer's home cleaning products online and ensure your home is primed to welcome the festive season with open arms. Trust Selzer for a clean, fresh, and inviting home that will leave your guests impressed and your celebrations truly memorable.

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