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Accura 9Pc Bathroom Set

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“Accura” is a range of premium quality plastic products made from eco-friendly 100% Virgin PP (Polypropylene) material. All “Accura” products are made from virgin plastic, which is the purest form of plastic and can be recycled thus not resulting in any harm/ill effects on the eco-system.

Accura 9Pc Bathroom Set contents : 30Ltr Tub, 16Ltr Bucket, 12Ltr Pedal Bin, 7Ltr Open Bin, 1.5Ltr Mug, 1Ltr Mug, Dust Pan, Soap Dish, Roman Stool

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Accura 9Pc  Bathroom Set

Accura 9Pc Bathroom Set

Rs. 1,850.00Rs. 1,449.00