We understand how troublesome it can be to keep every nook and corner of your home clean. While sometimes it’s the grease and oil in our kitchen and cooking utensils, at other times, it boils down to the stubborn marks on our favourite car or that front-loaded washing machine. Though so far we have had to rely merely on standard detergents and cleaners, it all changes with Selzer! Each of our products is made using high technology and ingredients to relieve you of the headache that comes from the thought of cleaning your ‘HOME SWEET HOME’. So now say goodbye to Ghar Ke Nuske and opt for our Full-Proof Cleaning Solutions.

Reasons to Love Selzer - Chemistry Sparks Fly
Chemistry Sparks Fly

Chemistry Matchmakers: Saas-Bahu cleaning choices are in sync with Selzer

Reasons to Love Selzer - Awe Inspiring R&D
Awe-Inspiring R&D

Our R&D shatters all ‘Juggad’ cleaning norms with revolutionary solutions!

Reasons to Love Selzer - The Art of Innovation
The Art of Innovation

Breaking all “Deewars”, explore our uncharted & unique cleaning potions

Reasons to Love Selzer - Customized Marvels
Customized Marvels

One-size-fits-all? Not in our ‘Safai ki duniya’! Selzer cause dirt to flinch!

Reasons to Love Selzer - Igniting the WoW Factor
Igniting the WoW Factor

Jaw-dropping Chamak - makes metal surfaces look brand new.